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Our aim is to identifying the best technologies readily available and also pursuing development of new technologies and translating these to viable solutions that will benefit the society.One of our excellent product is KAVAJA THEJAS

KAVAJA THEJAS (Enlightening and safeguarding the power)

Power is the soul of world which is related to electricity and is very essential and convenient energy source in our day to day. Kavaja thejas results a solution for enlightening and safeguarding the power. Mainly kavaja thejas focusing on the automatic meter reading and line failure detection.

Electric power reaches our homes from transformers installed in the locality. The consumption of electric power is measured using energy meter installed at home. The existing meters are either an electronic energy meter or an electro mechanical meter. It is a common practice that the company sends meter reading personnel to the consumer premises once in a month or so and record the reading, then calculates the energy charges based on the prevailing tariff rates, prepare the bill and forward to the consumer. The consumer, on receipt of the bill, proceeds to settle the bill by paying the amount at the electrical section office or through online banking resources. It is totally a manual procedure and involves personal effort and valuable time. However, this process could be automated using computerized system and communication technologies already been established in the technical world.

Smart energy meters using GSM, Bluetooth, GPRS etc. also have some network installation problems,But all these system has so many disadvantages. A major problem with electromechanical type meters is their easy prone to tampering, leading to a requirement of an electrical energy monitoring system. These are very commonly used in domestic and industrial applications. In the case of electronic or energy meters .These meters might be analog or digital. In analog meters, power is converted to proportional frequency or pulse rate and it is integrated by counters placed inside it. In digital electric meter power is directly measured by high end processor. Here we can explore the possibility of a computerized system installed in the electrical section office located at the consumer area communicating with a smart energy meter at consumer premises and do the needful elegantly and automatically. For this power line communication techniques could be exploited and can be employed as physical layer of communication medium. Hence kavajathejas will promises the solution for all above

System overview
Our project consist of Two sections:
  • An automatic meter reading system that can be utilized to read the meter reading of domestic consumers
  • A power line failure reporting system.
  • The system overview is indicated in below figure. The dotted and dot-dash lines represent communication of information over the existing power line using power line modems.
    Automatic meter reading system consists of two different sections one of which is placed on the customer’s premises and other on the KSEB office. The residence unit monitors the regular KWH meter and count the unit that are being used. Each of the customer unit has being assigned a unique code number. When the master unit at the KSEB office wishes to enquire about the reading it sends out a request signal along with the corresponding code number of the residence unit. Then the residence unit accepts the request signal and sends out and interrogation signal along with the code number of the corresponding residence unit. The residence unit sends out the unit that it has measured until that particular time and does the billing for that customer can be generated. We can also calculate separate bill for peak hours.

    The power line failure reporting system consists of two different sections one of which is placed on the distribution transformer and other on KSEB office. The distribution transformer unit monitor the load across the transmission line. Each transmission line on the distribution transformer consist of this system with unique code or address. The KSEB unit continuously monitors the distribution transformer section. If there is any error occur in the load or any line breakage will occur in the transmission line the distribution transformer section corresponding to it, will send a signal to the KSEB unit. Both units are controlled by their own microcontrollers.